New Paperback Edition of A Search for Collection

In paperback for the first time, A Search for Collection will be reprinted by Crowood Press.

At the core of A Search for Collection are a series of ‘cutting edge’ scientific experiments at the McPhail Center with Dr. Hilary Clayton designed to test classical ideas about collection in dressage. Interwoven are philosophical and technical discussions about the art of riding, the domestication of horses, our relationship with them in the modern world, and the place of the rider as an artist and leader.



“This is an extraordinary and unique book, as intensely scholarly as it is deeply concerned with aesthetics by an author whose previous work is well-known and appreciated. This book however is a tour de force topping what else he has done, as it is so deep and encompassing, as much about a philosophy of living one’s life authentically as it is about training horses to the ultimate level of collection–piaffe/levade.”
Mary Daniels


“This latest achievement in literature from Paul Belasik will be welcomed by those who know him well. For those who have not yet discovered his teachings, this is the perfect place to start. It is highly readable and very thought provoking. Many will feel a little twinge of self-recognition in some of the examples he gives. But it is not in condemnation of riders, trainers, or judges that he writes, but in hope that his revelations will help each one of these to better understand themselves and their motives.”
Leeta Bobart, Australia