The Horse’s Neck: Gatekeeper of Longitudinal Balance and Collection

Paul’s New Article in The Horse Magazine!

From The Dynamic Horse by Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, MRCVS. Used with permission from Sport Horse Publications.

Apparently it has not gone unnoticed that the FEI has changed language for some of its rules and guidelines concerning the broad subject of neck position in the dressage horse. When the FEI takes the definition of “on the bit” (a good definition in my opinion) out of the rules section, this simple omission can suggest a change in priorities about neck position that they might have not even intended. It can have the effect of opening the door to allow riders to rationalize endless unfounded ideas about neck shape.

To me, neck shape is a very important connection to a humane and beautiful dressage. Regardless of the constant new amendments of regulations and guidelines from the competitive dressage organizations, it might be a good time to go over the fundamentals behind neck shape and its relationship to correct dressage, based on 500 years of experience and evidence.

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