Recap: Rider Position Lecture/Demo

Our latest lecture/demonstration event at Lost Hollow Farm was an in-depth, practical look at effective use of correct rider position. Paul brought out a series of props he has accumulated over the years to let riders actually feel parts of rider position instead of just explaining it with words. Almost all the auditors had a chance to experience some of these feelings, or at least see them with other audience participants. There is a particular experiment with shoulder position that never fails to astonish the riders, and the hands-on nature of the first section created lively discussion. 

Next, Rose rode a school horse, demonstrating common faults in position while riding. The patient school horse was an excellent mirror of the rider, clearly reacting to each change in position. Auditors were able to see how faults in position effect the horse and diminish effectiveness of certain dressage movements.

 After a short break with refreshments, Rose taught two lessons to riders who keep their horses in training at the Academy. Each rider had specific positional work to focus on, and each horse was of a different temperament and body type, giving the audience a range of elements to observe.

“It was the best lecture/demonstration I have ever been to on rider position,” Rob C., Virginia.

Save the date for our next lecture event on August 11 at the Pennsylvania Riding Academy: Developing Collection. Have you wondered what collection really is and what it isn’t? What are the major roadblocks to developing collection? What are good exercises for training collection for horses throughout the levels? Can any horse develop collection? Register online here or email