The Horse Magazine Features Paul’s Classical Training Scale #1: Trust

Paul’s classical training scale, as featured on our History of Dressage Poster, begins with Trust.

Horse Magazine’s Chris Hector writes, Paul Belasik is not afraid to question some of the ‘accepted’ truths: “I remember once having a conversation with the late Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick, who was a world authority on wild horses and horse behavior. He told me a story of watching a wild horse stalk a fox for a couple of hours. The intent was obvious. With one of my own horses, a stallion, we had to be very careful that no dogs went into his paddock. Horses are complex animals. They can be aggressive. Their lives are not overly directed by fear of predators, by far the greatest amount of their thinking and energy is spent on finding food and drinkable water. They are motivated by a constant search for the best nutrients; not a constant flight from predation…”

Read more as Paul examines the first building block of dressage, Trust: