Rose Caslar Belasik

USDF Diamond Achievement recipient Rose Caslar Belasik is a lifelong rider and writer.  Rose knew from her first shoulder-in that dressage would be an endlessly fascinating partnership between horse and rider. At the Pennsylvania Riding Academy, Rose uses classical methods to train all levels of horses from their first backing through the FEI levels to Grand Prix, including work in-hand. She has a strong background in classical dressage literature, Pilates, and Yoga. She is known for being a friendly, clear communicator able to apply her knowledge to a wide variety of horses and their riders, those who compete as well as those who do not. Rose and her husband Paul Belasik host students from around the world at their farm, offer a select number of classically trained horses for sale, and continue to publish books and articles on dressage.


Rose grew up riding horseback in some of the most remote and rugged ranches and trails in the Pacific Northwest. As a teen, she was a leader on horseback wilderness pack trips for commercial outfitters and hunted big game with her family in Hells Canyon and the Wallowa Mountains. While in high school, she helped on cattle ranches, studied natural horsemanship and started young horses under saddle for a breeder of registered Spanish Mustangs. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a degree in English Literature, Rose started colts, trained dressage prospects and foxhunters, worked with Pony Club, drove teams of draft horses, studied Portuguese and French dressage, and developed a successful dressage sales program with a Lusitano breeding farm. Following her love of writing, she served as President of a literary non-profit organization and has published a book, “Dressage Sabbatical.” Dressage Sabbatical is available on Amazon Kindle and by contacting

Eleison, 2014 Andalusian mare Photo © Tara Jelenic