Paul Belasik


“Paul Belasik has done more than any other writer in the English language to open the minds of dressage riders everywhere, to the tradition in which they ride and train, and more than that, brings a modern sensibility to critique even the great masters and to apply elements of zen and martial arts philosophy to riding.” – Chris Hector, Editor, The Horse Magazine

Paul and his 2013 Andalusian mare, Eleison

Paul Belasik is a highly respected international rider, trainer, writer and teacher. An avowed proponent of classical equestrian ideals, he has published eight books on dressage and riding including the perennial favorite Riding Towards the Light, and most recently, Dressage for No Country.


A graduate of Cornell University, Belasik has ridden and trained at every level in dressage, from young horses to beyond Grand Prix into airs above the ground.  He has successfully competed at the highest levels in competition. He also has extensive experience training and competing through the upper levels of eventing, which encompassed the early part of his career before he turned solely to his first and true love of classical dressage. Belasik has sought wisdom from great riding masters such as Dr. HLM van Schaik and Nuno Oliveira, and his wide-ranging studies include the concepts of Zen Buddhism and martial arts.


Paul has also been a lifelong breeder of horses, first with Trakehners and then Andalusians. Paul’s Andalusian stallion Excelso sucessfully competed in international Grand Prix competition and sired a number of upper level horses, including offspring which have competed through Grand Prix.

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Paul Belasik gives clinics, lectures and demonstrations internationally. He trains a wide cross-section of clients at his Pennsylvania Riding Academy at Lost Hollow Farm, where  his short courses concentrating on the rider’s position have brought him acclaim from students who have come to the farm from all over the world.


Belasik has helped all levels of riders from around the world for over forty years. They are a diverse group: members of various national and international equestrian teams, a North American Endurance Champion, Handicapped champions, and riders of various levels with no interest in competition. His training methods focus not only on the practical, physical point of view, but also keep a keen eye toward the artistic, scientific, and philosophical components of horsemanship.


In 2002, Belasik produced a major work, Dressage for the 21st CenturyThis remarkable book covers all aspects of riding and training and marries a genuine adherence to classical principles with modern thinking. Drawing analogies from a wide range of arts, science, and philosophies, and firmly grounded in the works of the equestrian masters, this is an extremely practical book that takes the reader from early work with the young horse to the airs above the ground. The beautiful photographs demonstrate that not only is Belasik someone who can teach it, he can do it as well.