Over the years, many of our customers have expressed the concern that truly classically started horses are altogether too rare.


To see a photo album of some of our past and current sales horses, please click here.


We concentrate on producing correct young horses for sale. We offer several young horses throughout the year, and ask interested parties to check the website regularly, but also to email or call at any point. Some horses may not be ready for the website, but might be available shortly. In some cases, horses can be specifically prepared for buyers.


All prospects are rigorously selected for disposition and trainability first, then for athletic potential. They have undergone a thorough medical exam, including x-rays.


The education of these horses has not been relegated to novice riders or working students, nor hurriedly prepared for auction, but the opposite. They are carefully started by experienced FEI riders. Our aim is to produce a horse capable of providing a classical riding experience.


SOLD: Remolino

SOLD: Remolino is a 2019 pure Andalusian gelding registered with IALHA from traditional Spanish bloodlines. “Lino” is an athletic and keen 15.2+. A smart horse who is eager to learn and loves interacting with people, he is a pleasure to train. Lino has all the makings of an upper level horse, with a big walk, an elastic and adjustable trot, and a fantastic canter. He has the energy to be pleasantly forward, but is kind and not overreactive. No vices, barefoot, healthy, easy to care for and had an excellent vetting. SOLD: We are pleased that this horse will be staying in training with us as we develop him for his new owner!


SOLD: 2019 Imported Andalusian Gelding. Oro is fun, forward, and friendly. Smart and personable with high potential in a smaller package of 15.1, his nickname has been “Little Ray of Sunshine.” He is easy to care for and currently barefoot. Excellent vetting with clean x rays and great health. We wish Oro and his new person all the best! 40k – Sold.

SOLD: Xilosa

“Lily” is a three-coming-four year old striking deep bay PRE mare, 16 hands. Phenomenal disposition, very smart, loves to work. No shying, mature beyond her age. Very comfortable gaits, exceptional character. No mareish behavior, calm, secure, and a joy to work with. Unlimited potential, has begun lateral work. Absolutely sound, vetted with x-rays. A rare prospect. SOLD.

SOLD: Bakhita

Bakhita is a 2017 16h+  gray PRE Andalusian mare, both parents imported from Spain. Her sire is a Calificado Grand Prix horse bred by the famous Domeq Romero stud, founder of the Spanish school at Jerez. Very good gaits, comfortable, and intelligent with a good worth ethic. Knows all the lateral work, counter canter, lengthening, beginning to work on flying changes. Very well-balanced, wonderful canter and clear FEI potential. Vetted with x rays. Outstanding prospect for someone who wants a young horse with ability for upper level work. Healthy and sound, uncomplicated care, no vices. Double registered with IALHA and ANNCE. SOLD.

SOLD: Bienito
Elegant 2012 Lusitano Gelding

Bienito is a gentle, uncomplicated 2012 Lusitano gelding, 16.1 hands. Mellow and sweet personality, healthy and sound. Was started later in life (no fault of his own), but has come along nicely in professional training and has begun lateral work in trot, walk to canter and counter-canter. Is pleasantly forward but not hot, tries hard to please. Easy to care for, can live in or out. Currently barefoot, up to date on all care, registered. No vices or maintenance. A pleasure to have in the barn. Email or contact 541 398 8009 for more information.
Sold Horses

SOLD: Anasazi

Exquisite 2017 Pure Andalusian mare, 15.1+. Eye-catching mover, excellent gaits and very people oriented. One of the kindest, most eager -to-please horses that we have had the pleasure of offering for sale. Confident and brave. Naturally athletic, forward but respectful, light in the bridle. 

SOLD: Alvaro

Alvaro is a very special american mustang, registered awssr, who was born wild on blm land in nevada and has become a successful dressage horse. He has impressed us with his steady journey up the levels to psg and has a fan club for his floppy ear. Schooling two tempis and full pirouettes. In professional training since with us since 2017. Very kind, loves people and grooming. Quiet personality, comfortable gaits. More whoa than go. Can live inside or out, healthy and sound. No maintenance, no vices. Has experience hacking out and doing sidesaddle. Well behaved at shows and travels well. Only for sale due to owner moving, excellent match to new home is a must.

SOLD: Escocero

Beautiful andalusian/tb gelding with a disposition to match. Once in a lifetime companion and partner, schooling two tempis and half steps. Extremely reliable, no misbehaviors or vices. Hacks quietly, tremendous work ethic, consistent every day. Comfortable gaits, easy lateral work and changes. Excellent barn manners, everyone’s favorite horse. Healthy and sound, no maintenance, good for farrier and vet.

SOLD: Nashville

Nashville SSH is a 16.2, 2016 double registered PRE Andalusian gelding. This premium prospect has a fantastic mind, doesn't shy, and comes in ready to work each day. He is a beautiful mover and a joy to train.

SOLD: Cataldo FCF

2016 pure Andalusian gelding, a very fancy horse in a smaller package. Athletic 15.2 with expressive gaits and talent for collection. Responsive, adjustable, strong fei potential. Registered with IALHA, fully vetted with x-rays. Friendly, sound and healthy, uncomplicated care.

SOLD: Seneca

Three year old pure Andalusian gelding. 16.2 hands. One of the nicest prospects we've been able to offer. No weaknesses in his gaits, beautiful balance for a young horse. Great mind, calm but not lazy. A remarkable combination of responsive under saddle and gentle in the barn. Excellent health, barefoot, can live in or out.

SOLD: Haida

3.5 year old Andalusian cross mare. Rich bay with white blaze. Should mature 16.0 +/-. Very nice disposition, excellent work ethic, comfortable gaits. Not spooky or tense, goes willingly forward. Will stand out as mover as she matures and gains strength, beautiful canter. Clean x-rays on file.

SOLD: Trapunto

Unusual Andalusian gelding, brown bay, 4 years old. 16.2 hands, by Grand Prix stallion Fiero LFA. Truly exceptional prospect, excellent temperament, comfortable gaits. Everyone who has visited the farm and has seen him cannot take their eyes off him.

SOLD: Ecossais

"Ecco" is a coming 4 year old purebred Andalusian gelding. 16.1h, should mature around 16.2h. Excellent conformation, great hindquarters, beautiful straight mover. This elegant horse will be stunning as he matures. He has an excellent working temperament, all the right tendencies, always pleasant and easy to live and work with. Started lateral work, lengthenings and counter canter. Works by himself or with other horses. Unlimited potential.

SOLD: Exvoto

Exvoto is a 3 year old purebred Andalusian gelding by Excelso out of a PRE mare whose pedigree includes the legendary Leviton--sire of horses on the Spanish Olympic Team. This is an exciting horse. 'Woody' has a very responsive personality, loves praise and learns quickly. He has impressive yet elegant movement which will only become more beautiful as his strength develops. Comfortable gaits, very well balanced. Woody is currently just under 15.3hh and should mature 16hh+. Great potential for someone wanting a smaller horse with unlimited potential.

SOLD: Milano

9 year old 16.2hh Andalusian/Hanoverian gelding by the Grand Prix stallion Donovan. Milano is solid Prix St. Georges/I-1, and is schooling one-tempis and half steps. Fun, playful personality, with a extensive show record through the levels. Comfortable gaits, powerful movement and great work ethic make Milano an ideal horse to take to the top levels. Absolutely sound and healthy with no maintenance.

SOLD: Encanto

3 year old 16.2hh Andalusian/Oldenburg gelding, by Grand Prix stallion Excelso, out of an Oldenburg mare that is so reliable she is currently one of our principle schoolhorses. Encanto is a top prospect, a leggy, big mover, with a great mind. No misbehavior, tries hard everyday in his work, and will mature to an impressive and elegant partner. Very personable and no-nonsense disposition.

SOLD: Avellana

'Lana' is a 16.3hh 3 year old purebred mare, by Excelso out of a PRE mare imported from Spain. This is a big powerful mare, she has tremendous scope and freedom of shoulder. Lana is full-bodied and shows great potential to be a dramatic mover; even now no one can take their eyes off her when she works. Light in the bridle, doesn't shy, comfortable gaits.

SOLD: Amoroso

Coming 5 year old 16.1hh 7/8 Andalusian gelding. This young horse has an excellent working temperament, forward with a great mind, no shying or misbehavior. Light in the mildest of bits, uphill with wonderful balance. So secure and confident in his personality, he works with company or alone and pays attention to the rider even if other horses leave him. Started in lateral work, lengthenings and counter canter. A joy to train and be around. Full vetting with radiographs available.

SOLD: Excelsa

At 16.3hh and 5 years old , Elsa is a stunning mare by Excelso out of Delirio, a purebred Andalusian imported from Spain. Elsa has a solid start to her serious training, but shows a great ability to collect and shows the beginnings of powerful, expressive extensions. Elsa has never shied; she has a good work ethic and very comfortable gaits. Schooling lateral work and nearly confirmed in her flying changes, this is a self assured horse with the very highest potential.

SOLD: Espadin

Espadin is a 3 year old purebred gelding, 16hh (should mature to 16.2hh), by Excelso out of Delirio, a mare imported from Spain. Espadin is a beautiful horse with natural engagement and a workmanlike disposition but yet has a willingness to go forward. Three excellent gaits; when he matures he will be very impressive. He has the most comfortable gaits and is light in the bridle. Now started in full training.

SOLD: Ascenso

Ascenso is one of several horses by Excelso out of a Hanoverian mare, a cross which has produced exceptional horses for us. Ascenso is currently 16.3hh and should mature just over 17hh. He is a very intelligent horse with big, powerful gaits yet he is light in the bridle and exceptionally well balanced and graceful. Unusually symmetrical and has a solid work ethic. He is really enjoyable to work around and live with. This horse could show in any company and yet makes daily practice by yourself a joy. Ascenso walk, trot, canters and has started shoulder in and counter-canter. Always sound, never misbehaves. With his easy and uncomplicated personality he is ideal for an amateur looking for a quiet, sane, yet talented prospect, or he is fancy enough for a professional to take to the highest levels.

SOLD: Leoncio

Leoncio is a 5 year old 16.2hh Andalusian/Hanoverian gelding. He is the kind of horse all instructors wish their students would buy: honest, safe, with talent. "Simba" has a great disposition, consistent work ethic, no vices, no shying, easy to put on the bit, flexible in lateral work with an impressive lengthening. He has started flying changes. At his first show he handled himself like a professional, scoring a 69% at 2nd level, with an 8 on gaits, and several 8s and 9s throughout the test. Simba tolerates mistakes; he doesn't get frustrated with repetition. An ideal horse to train and learn on. Absolutely sound and healthy.

SOLD: Simia de Lana

"Maya" is a 3 year old purebred Andalusian mare, by Excelso out of a PRE mare whose bloodlines trace back to Leviton, the legendary sire of Spanish team horses including Evento. This is an exceptional mare with a great mind, workmanlike and forward without any silliness. Maya is very well balanced with tremendous athletic potential. Starting lateral work and lengthenings, comfortable gaits, this mare has unlimited potential. Currently 15.2h+, should mature 16h.

SOLD: Infanta

3 year old 16.1hh Infanta is the first filly after four full brothers from the successful cross of Excelso and the Hanoverian mare Denali. Not quite as big as her brothers but a powerful mover with good balance, Infanta has begun her training, and will stay with us for the following year.