Classical Riding Expert Charles de Kunffy Reviews Paul’s New Book “Dressage for No Country”



In Dressage for No Country, Paul Belasik has written a “page-turner” book that one is reluctant to put down. In a charming and conversationally intimate style, Mr. Belasik discusses many of the important principles inherited by the classical riding tradition. He reminds us that this tradition is based on the individual’s progression in academic wisdom and emotional ennoblement. He examines the importance of an emphasis on horsemanship as an academic and spiritual endeavor. We are invited by him to travel not just geographically but also as spiritually aware companions to the horse. The equestrian arts, by their nature, are not competitive. Instead, progression can be evaluated only in terms of personal mastery of the art. The goals are ideals that can never be reached, yet the quest toward them defines the process by which our equestrian wisdom grows. 


— Charles de Kunffy, Classical Riding Expert, Clinician, and Author